Mobile Enterprise

Work safely and productively while on the go

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Work productively and connectedly in any situation. Share information and data anywhere and at any time. Access applications. Make decisions and interact with customers – via Mobile Enterprise. To ensure mobile working runs smoothly, consistently consolidated applications and secure mobile device management are needed.


White Paper

SAP Innovations for agile leader-
ship (german)

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Transformation for Mobile Enterprise

T-Systems supports companies with the successful transformation for Mobile Enterprise during each individual step:

  1. Joint elaboration of a mobile strategy, including individual definition of the processes that are to be “mobilized”
  2. Support with the secure connection of existing end devices to the corporate landscape based on mobile device management
  3. Provision of mobile middleware, which reduces the management activities for IT and enables different operating systems, apps and back-ends to be connected to one another securely
  4. Implementation of new apps from the initial idea to operation via the services of the T-Systems AppFactory
  5. Optimisation of existing applications in the company for mobile utilisation

Benefits of Mobile Enterprise


High tech meets low cost

Future workplace
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Zero Distance in professional practice

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Independent traveller

BAG2GO: The bag that never gets lost – and also lowers fuel costs.

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Run-tastic: Perfectly tailored resources and services for fitness enthusiasts.



Consol: The cloud helps the glass manufacturer to streamline its IT for growth.