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ICT Security for secure digitalisation and networking

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Secure digitalisation and networking is now a prerequisite for ensuring a company’s success. However, increasingly professional hackers and around 200,000 new variants of viruses, worms and Trojans each day threaten this success. Securing ICT infrastructures is therefore critical for companies. A security concept is needed, however, which exceeds the mere provision of failsafe data centers and data lines, as data protection laws and compliance also need to be taken into consideration. It must also be capable of dealing with the risks and attacks from the web, which are continuously changing.


BYOD, Protection & the EU-Cloud

Whitepaper Cloud Security
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Transformation to ICT Security

T-Systems supports companies during each step of the journey towards Transformation to ICT Security:

  1. Analysis of risks and potentially threatened corporate values
  2. Analysis of existing IT systems with regard to the associated threat potential
  3. Development of a customised security strategy
  4. Reduction in the complexity of existing, heterogeneous IT systems through a standardised infrastructure and applications from the cloud
  5. Integration of mobile resources via mobile device management
  6. Secure separation of private and business areas on mobile devices
  7. Clearly defined access rights based on roles and service levels
  8. Setup of an internal early warning system (Security as a Service)
  9. Trustworthy exchange of information on acute threats between experts and management across corporate boundaries and sectors
  10. Promotion of security awareness and understanding of the security guidelines through employee training

Benefits of ICT Security

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