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New customer proximity thanks to dynamic IT

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A dynamic IT infrastructure creates the basis for increased customer proximity. It supports new business processes and equips specialist areas with resources and solutions in a fast and flexible manner. One of the prerequisites for this is the transformation of legacy IT into dynamic provision models. At the same, however, application landscapes need to be consolidated and a fast and secure connection to the cloud computing services needs to be ensured. T-Systems makes existing, heterogeneous IT landscapes fit for the cloud, without shutting down operations.


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Transform to Cloud

T-Systems supports companies during each step of the journey towards Transformation to the Cloud:

  1. Based on a jointly-developed concept, and with the assistance of standardisation and modernisation, the complexity of existing IT is reduced
  2. Increased automation and virtualisation increases the flexibility of a company’s IT. IT becomes “cloud-ready”
  3. Optimised integration of the cloud ensures existing IT systems and cloud-based services are closely interlinked
  4. Thanks to the use of scalable cloud resources, new business ideas and processes can be driven forward – “Start small and scale up”

Benefits of cloud computing


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