Big Data

Faster, well-founded decisions based on
real-time analyses

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Whoever turns large quantities of data into information has a clear competitive advantage: Big Data analyses from structured and unstructured data provide the basis for making faster and better decisions. This enables companies to adjust their products more intensively in line with market requirements and provide individual services. What’s more, Big Data analyses from the cloud can help to simulate markets or increase the availability of industrial facilities, before disruptions are incurred.


White Paper

Big Data In Logistics
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Transform to Big Data

T-Systems supports companies during each step of the journey towards the Transformation to Big Data:

  1. Implementation of a cloud-based infrastructure as a platform for Big Data
  2. Speeding up of the data flow from existing data warehouse systems, in order to be able to utilise information optimally in real-time
  3. Support with the connection and utilisation of new data sources, such as from social media or production processes
  4. Provision of externally available, business-relevant data in a Big Data cloud
  5. Derivation and implementation of new business models

Benefits of Big Data


Big Data

Opportunities for the energy sector
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