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BAG2GO: The bag that never gets lost – and also lowers fuel costs.

BAG2GO: Der intelligente Koffer, der nicht mehr verloren geht >

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Big Data In Logistics
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The situation

Lost luggage is a nuisance for airline passengers. It incurs a cost for the airlines that amounts to billions of euros – especially when baggage is misdirected on connecting flights. And this does not even include the damage to image and huge potential for litigation.

Cost pressure and customer expectations

Passengers expect reliable service in this respect, while airlines are looking to save on fuel costs and administrative waste. Even a single kilo less weight per aircraft saves up to 30 tonnes of kerosene for the fleet per year – that converts to USD 40,000. This is why airlines need new options for transporting baggage efficiently.

The solution

Airbus, RIMOWA and T-Systems are developing a suitcase that travels from door to door on its own: BAG2GO. It doesn't get lost because it has a tracking system that allows it to be located anywhere in the world. The bag even logs where it has been opened during transit.

Reduced fuel consumption

Passengers pack at home for optimal weight and have the bag picked up by a service provider – this saves time at check-in. This creates new options for airlines to ship baggage from the front door to the destination – for both individuals and businesses. Streamlined handling helps them to reduce fuel costs. Even CO2 emissions are lower.


The suitcase is equipped with a radio and software module with a display. The passenger enters all relevant data into a smartphone app and sends it to the airline, which generates a bar code and sends it to the display unit.

Synchronised globally via the cloud

The person checking the baggage can monitor where it is at all times. The data is collected and stored centrally in the cloud and sent to the BAG2GO server. From there, the baggage data is synchronised with the airline.

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Continuous flows of goods, precise delivery dates and times, and no 40%-empty vehicles.